CMDKP Spotlight: Hae (Haky) Kyung Im

The Accelerating Medicines Partnership® in Common Metabolic Diseases brings together researchers from multiple institutions to work towards the goal of better understanding and treatment of common metabolic diseases. Get to know the members of the consortium in our CMDKP Spotlight articles.


Dr. Hae (Haky) Kyung Im (ORCID ID 0000-0003-0333-5685), a member of the AMP® CMD Portal Team, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics at the University of Chicago.

Haky's scientific background

Haky’s background is in Physics. In 2005, she received her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Chicago and has since been working as a statistical geneticist.

Current research interests

Haky’s current interest includes bridging the gap between genetics and genomics and integrating GWAS and functional genomics data with machine learning.

Reflections on AMP-CMD and the CMDKP

Haky is a principal investigator of the AMP-CMD opportunity pool of 2024 and part of the Portal team. For the next two years, her group will work on methods to identify transcription factors disrupted by GWAS variants.

Haky develops statistical methods to identify causal transcription factors using state-of-the-art deep learning approaches. Using the collaborative network of the AMP-CMD consortium, she is excited about the cutting-edge science that can be done. The portal is an invaluable resource that aggregates the evidence across multiple studies that she uses for building her research methods.


md, t2d, t1d, cvd, cd, sleep