Plasma lipid effector gene predictions now available

The Knowledge Portals start off the new year with five new lists of predicted effector genes for plasma lipid levels, from a new study by the Global Lipids Genetics Consortium (Kanoni, Graham, Wang, Surakka, Ramdas, Zhu, et al., 2022). Working from the recent GLGC GWAS of plasma lipid levels in 1.65 million participants (Graham, Clarke, Wu, Kanoni, Zajac GJM, Ramdas S, et al., 2021), the authors employed the PoPS and DEPICT methods as well as four locus-specific methods to predict effector genes for levels of 5 plasma lipids at each GWAS significant locus. They also constructed polygenic scores (PGS) for levels of each lipid and performed a PheWAS analysis for each PGS.

You can access the effector lists, PheWAS, and supporting data via a browser created by the Knowledge Portal team in collaboration with GLGC. The effector gene lists are also available on the Predicted effector genes pages of the Common Metabolic Diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Musculoskeletal, Non-Additive Genetic Effects, and Association to Function Knowledge Portals.

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