AMP-CMD Opportunity Pool Funding Opportunity Announcement 2022

The Accelerating Medicines Partnership® in Common Metabolic Diseases (AMP-CMD) is a public-private partnership to identify drivers of common metabolic diseases, including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, chronic kidney disease, obesity, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and heart failure, type 2 diabetes/prediabetes, autoimmune diabetes, and inflammation. AMP-CMD supports the generation and analysis of genetic association results, epigenomic annotations, and functional studies, and the representation of these results in the open-access Common Metabolic Diseases Knowledge Portal.

The current 5-year AMP-CMD award includes funding for an annual opportunity pool (OP) to support projects to address research directions that would further consortium goals but are not currently ongoing in the consortium. The OP comprises $500,000 total cost for each of the 5 years of the AMP-CMD award. The OP funds are allocated from the NIDDK limited competition award (UM1DK105554), and OP project awards are administered by the Broad Institute. In this round (Summer 2022), applications for year 3 are being considered. 

While we welcome proposals from AMP-CMD members, we are also soliciting applications directly from external researchers. Consortium members are encouraged to include external partners as collaborators in proposed OP projects.

AMP-CMD now invites proposals for projects to be supported in year 3 of the OP.

Existing consortium studies focus on discovery of genomic/transcriptomic/epigenomic characteristics and the functions of variants and genes primarily in islets, adipose, liver, muscle, and their component cell types. Some recently funded projects will generate characteristics of heart cell types. This FOA seeks assessment of additional cell types or tissues that are not currently included in consortium activities but are central to common metabolic diseases (e.g. brain/neurons, intestines, immune cells) and/or their complications, including: 

  • Extended or clinical phenotypes

  • Diabetes-specific complications (e.g. hyperglycemia)

  • Common metabolic disease complications (e.g. kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases)

Details on the four parts of the application, due September 1, 2022, and how to apply are available in the Opportunity Pool Handbook. Please direct any inquiries to "amp-cmd-opportunity-pool(at)".